Carlo-na Planning!

Carlo-na Planning!

Top 15 Things to Plan for your Wedding during Quarantine
Hello, beautiful people! The Corona virus pandemic might have grappled the world, but it can’t suppress the indomitable spirit of our brides neither can it stop us from providing you ways of staying efficient and positive!
We understand that things might have come to a standstill, but here we are to ease some of your stress in planning your wedding while you are social distancing.
1. Shortlist your Venue
(6-8 months before wedding)
This is the first step to tick off from your wedding plan. We understand that visiting the venue is essential, however, we recommend that you shortlist the venues as per your budget and preference by visiting the official websites of resorts/hotels. Request the hotels to provide you additional event pictures and videos including 3D photos and drone shots. Also, it might be a good time to strike the best bargain! ☺
2. Book your wedding event partner (6-8 months before wedding)
One of the most important things to do after booking the venue is to lookout for your wedding event planner who would actually make your dream wedding come true! Browse through their online portfolio and go through customer testimonials. This is the time you would want to start discussing your requirements with them and check if they can comprehend your style. You might also provide your expectations on food and catering and other vendors – photographers, videographers and DJs too. Keep your budget and questions ready before you connect with them. ☺
Also, why not think of a theme that you and your partner would relate to so that your wedding album contains the best memories? ☺
3. Shortlist and book your photographer/videographer (5-6 months before wedding)
Send them your favourite shots from their portfolio that you would like to be captured at your wedding. You can also consolidate shots from other weddings especially if these resonate with you and your partner. Send them links to amazing pre-wedding video shoots or cinematic videos that you like so that they would edit the videos as per your taste.
Note: Make a list of family members for the group photographs, have a member from both sides coordinate with the families and the photographers so that nobody gets left out in the group photos ☺
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4. Create your wedding website (5-7 months before wedding)
This is your space to post all the details about your wedding- display the events timeline, share your story, showcase your memories, update the venue details and routes to reach there, manage RSVP and much more. Do ensure that you keep it alive and thriving by updating the latest details. You could also ask a friend to manage the photo gallery so that live videos and photos can be uploaded on the day of your wedding.
Some free website building sites are Wix and GoDaddy. https://www.wix.com/website/templates/html/events/weddings
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5. Finalize your Honeymoon destination (5-8 months before wedding)
In light of the current situation, do read travel bogs and consult with travel experts to understand fully if a foreign destination would be safe this year. Alternatively, you could explore luxury escapes such as glamping in the midst of nature or a staycation at a palace converted to a luxury hotel with gorgeous settings.
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6. Compile your final Guest list (5-6 months before wedding)
Remember the uncle who told you “You have grown so big!” the last time you met him at a cousin’s wedding? Unable to recollect his face, you dreaded the question “Do you remember me? Last time I saw you, you were a little daddy’s girl!” Well, now is the time to decide if he makes it to your guest list! On a serious note, finalizing your guest list is not as easy a task as it appears to be… especially if you miss out someone from your circle. So, jot down everyone who comes to your mind right away.
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7. Zero down on your wedding card design and wedding token
(5-6 months before wedding)
Gone are the days when brides had to hop from one shop to another in the afternoon heat to select their wedding cards with the perfect design. With the rise of online shopping, yes even for wedding essentials, the options are plenty. Do choose your favourites and pin them to your browser. Once the lockdown is lifted, get in touch with the online retailers and order for the samples.
Along with the card, tag a small gift such as handmade fragrant candle, your favourite chocolate or a small eco-friendly Lord Ganesha idol as a symbol of fresh beginnings! This is also the time you can finalize the various gifts for your relatives, friends and groom’s family so that you can directly purchase those once the quarantine is lifted. Pro Tip: Get a customized stamp with the Initials of you and your partner to seal the envelope!
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8. Be creative with your Wedding Hash tag  (5-6 months before wedding)
With all the planning efforts put in for the D day, we know how excited you are to showcase your story to the world! This is going to be the key to search for your wedding moments long after the special day. So, be creative about choosing this one and add it to your Save-the-Date e-Card as well.
9. Finalize and block your Makeup and Hair artist (4-5 months before wedding)
Oh, we know how important and essential this is!
So, beautiful brides-to-be, give a shout out if you can relate! Search on FB and Instagram until you are satisfied. What would be a better time than when you are at home with time to splurge? Do block your favourite MuA around 5-6 months before the wedding because wedding experts forecast that the best ones get taken quite early. Also, do not skip on the trials before the wedding so that you can get the drop-dead gorgeous dewy look on your special day!
10. Book your DJ & MC
(4-5 months before wedding)
Remove the music and dance from a wedding, and you have literally removed FUN! Imagine your Punjabi friend who is dying to shake a leg at your wedding! So, yes, we would recommend searching for the DJ or/and band party with a note of your favourite songs! To keep the Sangeet upbeat and engage audience equally, let your MC be on feet throughout the event. Even a friend who knows you well can be your MC for that evening. However, do block his/her calendar right away!
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11. Shortlist Hotel for guests
(4-5 months before wedding)
It is your responsibility to ensure that the guests at your wedding have a comfortable stay. So, if you delegate this responsibility to a family member, do set the expectation right as you wouldn’t want disgruntled friends on the D- Day because they could not catch on sleep. If they have put in so much effort to fly down from different states/countries for your wedding, you ought to take care of them too! Many of them might be visiting your state for the first time with no clue how to commute. That is why sharing the route to the venue way ahead becomes so important.
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12. Identify the songs and choreography for your Sangeet (4-5 months before wedding)
This is our absolute favourite! From all the weddings we have planned so far, we pick the dance and drama as the best part of the wedding! When the bride and her bridesmaids take the stage, we can’t help but gape at the ravishing sways and shimmies! Hence, shortlist the songs and send the choreography links to your friends so that they can practice their part staying at home. You can also have Zoom/Skype meetings to practice together! Won’t that be fun?!
Also, finalize the song for your first dance with your partner as it would be the show stopper of the evening! Do ensure that your partner jiggles to your song and demonstrates his classy moves.
13. Hand write “Thank you” notes (From now …until…depends on how many guests are on your final list☺)
What would be a better way to thank the people who made time to celebrate for you and your partner as you start a new journey better than a handwritten “Thank you”! If you can write a personalized note for each person, that would be cherry on the cake! To give a twist to your note, create a Zine!
Here is how:  https://youtu.be/CLKfM8qb3Fs
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14. Finalize the Mehendi Design and Mehendi Artist
(2-3 months before wedding)
Minimalistic and classy- The Mehendi design of modern brides is nothing short of a combination of both. Do explore various designs and set a theme for your hands and feet. Arabic, Indo African, Moroccan and Mandala with finely detailed interlocks, spirals, florals and laces, are some that we love! Do, pin your favourite designs and send across to your Mehendi artist in advance.
Pro Tip: To add a bit of sparkle to your hands, zero down on the Nail Art and might we suggest adding some bling to the pretty corners!
15. Pamper yourself and your skin
 (From now….until the wedding!)
Our lovely brides out there, this is the time to try out grandma’s Besan and Multani mitti along with the other homemade remedies to prep your skin for the bridal glow! Do practice both physical and mental wellness starting with adequate sleep and meditation. To give shape to your regime, install one of the mindfulness apps and stick to the routine of 15-20 minutes every day. We can’t stress enough the benefits of sufficient sleep and relaxation to a bride!
We hope these points help you plan for your wedding from the comfort of your homes! Finally remember, a good wedding is the outcome of intensive planning!
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Madhusmita Borah Creative Writer, Katha Weddings

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