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We understand the importance of tradition and culture, and we strive to showcase it in every wedding we plan. We are not just mere organisers but we are Katha, your story makers, who will weave the tale of your wedding day in a way that will be treasured for years to come. Trust us to be the ones to tell your story, the story of your love.

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Jyoti (33)

Jyoti Pathania

Jo is a seasoned image and etiquette coach, who is also a well-coiffed fashionista, always attired in immaculate couture. Her vibrance, eloquence and chic demeanour aid in her life’s mission of encouraging people to be the best version of themselves. She loves music and the colour pink, although on most days she can be seen painting the town red.


Amrita B Nair

Amrita is a connoisseur of arts and an angel of the voiceless rolled into a bundle of unbridled energy. Her design elements, aesthetics and sense of colours are always on point, as she picks up nuances from various cultures during her travels. She enjoys the rhythm of running, the zen of gardening and surrounds herself with beauty. Often she can be found mobbed in the streets by her rescued canine and feline friends, who see her as their star.


Shikal Jain

Shikal has been a long-tenured professional in the entertainment industry, where her multitasking and organizational skills have been honed to perfection. Meeting new people from varied backgrounds energises her, much like the asanas and pranayama during her yoga sessions. For her daily dose of creativity, she relies on Madras filter coffee combined with South Indian food. And although she loves gardening, she often wonders if her fingers are green enough.

Chitra (1)

Chitra Shree

Chitra brings the youthful vibe at Katha as the youngest in the team. With an inquisitive mind, she is often the trend spotter in tune with the constantly changing fashion and ethos. Usually an ambivert, she changes gear to extraversion the moment golgappas or spicy Andhra thali are mentioned.


Sean Denoy

Sean is a creative tech geek, who is driven by the idea of possibility and innovation. He absorbs himself in the engineering of a camera as much as the artistic abstraction in the pictures it produces. A music and cricket lover, he has a well-balanced personality much like his perfectly synced left and right brain.  


Sanjiv is a rare breed of creative and design-focused entrepreneur, who is always armed with a charming smile & when not walking the tightrope of business and aesthetics, work and fitness, he can be found zooming on Bengaluru roads, either on his motorbike or his skates. He enjoys music, linguistic nuances of Malayalam cinema humour and a simple champi head maalish, preferably together!