Preksha and Mehak

Decoration was done beautifully and acknowledged by many visitors at our Residence – Sanghvi Haveli. Your professionalism during execution of decoration was commendable and was positively discussed amongst the family members. Our guests were extremely delighted with the kind of help and hospitality extended by your team during their stay at Hotel Sayonara. Your decisions taken to help our guests pertaining to logistics or room supplies was appreciated. Your creative team gave good options in time to finalise logo and formats. Their output in hard copy was up to the mark. Your ppt presentation made it clear to us of our expectations in terms of decor. Coordination between your team members was good. Timeliness of vendors and supplies was maintained. Cleanliness and decency was maintained by your staff at all times. We are completely satisfied with your work and would surely recommend your company to others in case of any other events.