Nikita Iyer and Shank Mohan

There are so many things I need to applaud you and your team for, but let’s begin from the start.

INITIAL CONTACT: You were super prompt with responding to my initial inquiry and very patiently sat through my 3-hour brainstorming session the first day itself.
BUDGET: I think with weddings, it’s really important for a decorator to understand the capability of the client and stick to it. And you did exactly that, I was able to be very honest about how much money I had to splurge and you were very forthcoming and realistic about what I can get for that price. That being said, I appreciate that you went out of your way to help minimize the cost without sacrificing on quality of the outcome.
RESPONSE TIME: I think I must’ve called you at least 20 times in that time before the wedding and each time you were so patient with me, discussing every point, however unrealistic ;) And just very fast with your responses and revised costs.
ORGANIZED: This is something I really appreciated about Katha Weddings and that is your budget sheet. It was so detailed and clear, I knew exactly where each rupee was going. It was so much easier to just figure out where to cut, where to add and I think it was very professionally done. There was no question of hidden costs at the last minute.

BEFORE THE BIG DAY : Sanjiv was kind enough to come to my mehendi function the day before to do a rerun of the decor for the wedding and just assure me that your team knew exactly what needed to be done and had it all handled. I think that really just helped me stop worrying about the decor cause I could trust you guys with it completely. It also helped me start enjoying my wedding.
ON THE DAY : When I came to the venue at 4 am, your team was well ahead of schedule. By 6 am, on the dot, as discussed, everything was ready to go and boy did it make me want to cry (from the happiness of course). Everything looked so delicate and beautiful, exactly the way we had discussed. There were absolutely no issues with anything. You even managed to get your team to come and set up the shade when it got too hot, even though you were on your honeymoon.
ATTITUDE : Any bride who takes charge of handling every aspect of the wedding, knows how stressful it can be. And decorations are the biggest visible factor at any wedding. What I can add here is the way you handled me was great. Just so patient, calm and always with a smile on your face. No matter what the situation was, your cheerful tone never changed. More importantly, you were very actively encouraging the ideas I had, and just coming up with cost effective solutions to help achieve it. Don’t ever lose that positive attitude! To be honest, one of your team member told me that they are getting married the weekend before my wedding I got really stressed. How does a wedding planner plan another person’s wedding the weekend after their own? But I must say, all that stress was for nothing. Your team did an absolutely splendid job. Everything was seamlessly organized. Every person who came there appreciated the decor at Temple Tree. And most importantly, thank you so much for making our wedding exactly, if not better than what I wanted it to be! :) Best of luck with all your future endeavors. PS – I’m sorry if there’s anything I missed out mentioning. But know that the efforts of Team Katha Weddings, however small or big were appreciated :) “I fully endorse Nikita’s feedback and it was indeed made memorable by your exquisite planning and execution with a smile !! Thanks once again. ~ R Mahesh Iyer” Warm regards Nikita Iyer 12th December, 2015